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My Sites

Below are some of my other sites or sites that I have built for other people.

Road Rage Diecast Models
An e-commerce site for I built for 'Road Rage Diecast Models' in Morayfield, QLD. The colour scheme was based off their business card, but I designed the rest of the site and built a custom product catalog and enquiries system.
Travelling Australia with the Oakey's
My sister and her family are currently travelling Australia in their fifth wheeler caravan/trailer. This is their blog, along with photos, videos, maps, and other information from the road.
Aaron's Photos
My 'official' photography portfolio site. I felt the best of my photos deserved a proper place to show them off, and this is it.
My MobileMe webspace, complete with an unashamedly mac-made website and an appropriately mac-based domain name. As much a tribute to my geekiness as it is a quick way for me to put photos on display for friends, such as photos from trips or events.
My Leg Feels Funny
A domain name that I registered on a laugh one day. It was simply a redirect for a while, but I recently put a landing page on it containing a photo I thought was too funny to not share, along with a link to the story behind it.
Full Lock Photos
My basically-defunct photography business website. A few years back I was going to track days and basketball games as an official photographer. Those days are long gone, but the site isn't.