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  • 3 months in the US

    Saturday, July 14, 2012

    Today is 3 months since I moved to the US. It has gone quickly while feeling like I've been here for ages. Here's a quick recap:

    • I had a Camaro for the first weekend
    • Downtown Kirkland is awesome. As soon as I saw it I knew this was home. 
    • Everyone is super friendly. It feels like a really safe place. 
    • Most people I meet, on finding I just moved here for work, ask if I came to work for Microsoft. Another common question is if I am British.
    • I drove my new car home while still owing $8k on it after my money transfer hadn't actually completed when I thought. 
    • I aced the driving test, and the only issues I've had while driving here have been occasionally going to the wrong door to get in, or hitting the wipers instead of the indicator.
    • On a random drive to nowhere one day I found myself at a ski field, complete with snow - in late Spring!
    • I have done not one, but two drives to Vancouver in the last month alone. 
    • I still haven't got used to the sight of snow-capped mountains on the horizon. Even half way into summer, there's still a few with snow. 
    • The 4th of July was crazy, with thousands turning out to Kirkland's parade, and many, many fireworks visible from my balcony that night.

    There's still more to look forward to, including the Seattle air show in early August, and PAX - a big gaming expo - in late August. I have a list of day-trips around Seattle I still want to do, as well as weekend road trips to Portland, etc. Then there's plans to venture out of the northwest, and do a weekend in somewhere like New York, Boston, etc.